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There is an increasing need for systems dedicated to consumption metering, both in the industrial sector and in the tertiary and managerial sectors.
For medium sized buildings and for larger and more energy-consuming buildings, we build systems that meet legal standards (Legislative Decree 102/2014, CONSIP obligations) with rigorous measurements, metering and energy distribution. Our offer includes monitoring of electricity, heat, water and all the main environmental parameters necessary for the management of buildings and production processes: temperature, humidity, pressure, CO2.
Our monitoring systems support instrumentation certified according to the most advanced metrological standards of Directive 2004/22/EC of 31/03/2004 on Measuring Instruments - known as the MID "Measuring Instruments Directive".
Thanks to our high-efficiency wireless technology, the monitoring systems developed by Coster Group do not require a wired communication network and guarantee easy installation and maximum flexibility in use. Coster Group's wireless solution is reliable, robust and with high immunity against any interference. The battery-powered sensors can be read from long distances with an autonomy of several years.
Energy and environmental monitoring data can be analysed remotely through our Coster WEB software platform or transferred to the customer's information systems, according to the desired communication protocols.
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