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Building Controls 


For the simple and effective management of HVAC plants, Coster Group offers a wide range of controllers and equipment. Totally engineered and constructed internally, they offer complete remote control and telemanagement of plants to operators who use and perform maintenance on the systems.
Through the "X Series" and "Y Series" systems, Coster Group offers a complete and integrated range of hardware and software products for the automation, management and supervision of medium sized technological systems: controllers for air conditioning systems (boilers, heat pumps), domestic hot water, public lighting.
Coster Group solutions are used in more than 30,000 civil, office and commercial buildings, schools and healthcare facilities, sports facilities and logistical infrastructures.
Thanks to a very modern and versatile web supervision platform (Coster WEB), Coster Group solutions allow the facility manager to manage heat management and energy service contracts in an efficient and professional way and meet the monitoring obligations imposed by the current contract models.
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