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The Company
Coster Group offers its customers the best technology available for the efficient management of installations: from controllers for small thermal power installations to integrated, “made-to-measure” automation systems for the supervision and energy management of large buildings with highly complex systems. Personalised projects for customers are developed by our in-house engineering resources, and the technologies used are also largely designed and manufactured directly by us using our distinctive research and development expertise and our own production plant.
A strength of the Coster Group lies in our sales and technical support network, present throughout Italy (30 sales offices) and also abroad, with a branch in the UK. All Coster Group solutions and technologies are supported by this network, for both commercial requirements and after-sales services.
Coster Group was founded in 2017 through the merger of Coster Tecnologie Elettroniche and Regula. Two different but highly complementary companies: 50 years of success in the control of thermal power installations in the case of Coster, and a young, rapidly growing player in the fields of building automation technologies and energy monitoring in the case of Regula.
A strongly desired “marriage”that enhances the strengths of both companies, ensuring full continuity in their respective development paths and with ambitious aims for leadership in the building systems automation and energy monitoring sectors.


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